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  • Dean Theodore ASW

    Dean, a child of Greek immigrants, was born and raised in New York City. With a career spanning twenty-five years in the occupational therapy setting, he is also an inventor and a natural organizer who has created events to raise money for disabled children and to feed the homeless. As a husband of 28 years to an amazing woman who is a clinical therapist and an animal rights activist with four rescue dogs, Dean brings many years of life experience. He is empathic, energetic, and deeply cares about the clients he has the opportunity to work with on an individual basis. Compassion and empathy have always been the core values in his life, and he believes in the never-ending self-journey of change and growth.

    Dean provides therapy services to individuals, families, and couples using an interactive approach. He explores the clients’ goals for therapy, and some clients come with a specific situation that they need to work on and stay until it is resolved. Others come on a structured schedule to help them stay on a goal they have set to avoid falling back into old habits or patterns. Dean works with individuals to manage emotions, fears, sadness, depression, anxiety, stress, life transitions, addictions, eating disorders, body image issues, creating balance, establishing hope, changing lifestyles, and nurturing oneself and others.

    Dean is supervised by Dr. Moreen Rubin