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    Abby Rock LMFT

    Abby is a licenced clinical therapist with over a decade of experience. She is also a board approved supervisor for other therapists.  

    “The world often paints those with eating disorders with a wide brush. But I recognize different people come to their eating disorder by different roads, and living with an eating disorder means the road you travel is a lonely one. This disconnection can lead you to believe you can’t enjoy what others take for granted – friends, family, food, life. I am passionate about showing you that you are not alone and that each of us has the strength, courage, and wisdom to live a fully recovered life.

    The road to recovery may feel long. There isn’t a single, universal approach to treating eating disorders; no guidebook or tricks that apply to everyone and provide instant results. Although there are common threads that bind us together – genetic, environmental and cultural factors – the most effective treatment plan must be woven from the material that makes you, you. We develop a comprehensive treatment approach designed specifically for you to help you understand yourself and the underlying causes of your eating disorder. As a recovered person, I understand the mental and physical energy needed to feed your healthy self. I know all too well the daily struggle with self-deception and self-sabotage can make you feel weak and unlovable in a world too small to bear. The path to living the joyful life you deserve can start now.”